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Ecstasy original watercolor painting

Painting: Look of ecstasy
Writer: Rizim

This Art piece came up to me with a story to tell. I named it, Look of Ecstasy 'Sit with your pain, dance with your joy.'  I remember the time, my phase of  extreme loneliness. When everyday was misery and every moment of smile was ecstasy. That's the thing about being alone you know. I strongly believe, every person must've been through their phase of loneliness. And can  understand the depth of it. Being lonely is not always physical, it's mostly mental. To be at the our lowest doesn't mean we lost, there's always a belief to see tomorrow. I call it, hope 

Paulo Coelho once wrote, ‘If it’s still in your mind, it is still in your heart.’

This time I won't ask what do you see like my previous painting. This time i would rather ask you to see through my eyes, my words in-you! 

I'm not a good storyteller or screen-writer but a philosopher with spilled ink. So, It's a story of Raiza, in her teenage, who's driven by famed philosophies of her mother. All her life she's been told, ‘Misery is never a waste of experience.’ She never understood yet sworn by it. Because she knew her mother can never be wrong. As Raiza lived quite a difficult life she never forgot to feed the sparrows who were her mere friends, all she could sing for. Whenever she touched a high note while looking up at the sun to feel it's warmth on her rosy cheeks, they flew around her and listened to by heart. Raiza fed them few grains of bread as she continued to sing, 

‘‘  here i sit and watch the sun,
dancing with only joy and fun,

i'm left with leg half-one;
But misery is never a vain,
Experience-fame, all I re-gain.

Why stars do hide away in blue
Maa, today too-i wish upon you;

Might not wake up to the next day-
Will you read me philos, per as you may,
It's been a good life- good pain- good day,
Deeply, I wanna ride away.  ’’

You know, “it’s a beautiful thing to be understood, but a powerful thing to understand yourself.”  What I aspire from Raiza, is not the sense of optimism but acceptance. It's not important what end you see-what end you expect or working towards , you will always have to walk, keep moving forward. One should be proud of yourself for passing the hardest moments alone while everyone believed you're doing fine. The only way i interpret loneliness is becoming resilient. Not because it's the case with me but because it's the reason i'm alive, living!. It's similar to caterpillars who transform into something they don't even realize they can become. That's why the saying goes like, ‘The butterflies can't see their own wings but the world can’.  J Wool, Soul Whispers; I read once, We all lose ourselves to find ourselves to get tossed in the wind again and amazingly, we are still standing in the end. There is beauty in all that realness and experiences. We are capable of finding the way to ourselves again. We make so many mistakes every single day but one needs to stop being defensive and throwing darts with invisible hands. 

Remember, One does not build their own light by tearing down others nor does one grow by merely looking at their own reflection. Pain and Joy are mere like a roadway, dusk to dawn. If you sit with your pain then you must dance with your joy. You must sit through both to know the depthness equally. Understand that, the flame in Raiza kept her open, kind and humble. Lived each day with the sincerity of beautiful intention. So like we all should as it makes us who we are; human. Experiences are all we're about and that is the message behind this painting. 


( Ecstasy: an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement. )

Thank you for reading


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